Archive | November 2013

There is something definitely in India still……….

Today when i was reading newspaper, I got that prince Charles and his wife Camella Parker came India and went to Rishikesh & did arti n all the rituals required.



On the other hand, US. president Mr. Barack Obama & his wife Mrs. Obama celebrated Diwali in White house.


These two things compelled me to think what is unique in India because above written text is just two examples. We usually read in newspapers or watch news headlines that by following our indian tradition, this foriegn couple got married and bla bla….


Definitely there is somthing unique in our India which makes attracted to foreigners. So my answer is YES. This is our  ‘CULTURE’, our colorful & brightful  ‘FESTIVALS’, our ‘TRADITIONS’, our ‘OUTFITS’ & so on.

These things definitely makes me feel proud to be an INDIAN.

Beyond all , one thought usually strikes me then why is India still only developing? Although have answers but with lots of confusion. Will be here soon with my answers. Till then I want to be happy with my proud feeling to be an Indian.