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Firangi Panjiri [No Bake Cookies ]

Chef Mudit

The idea was conceived when I was thinking of making Sol Kadhi, a maharashtrian drink. For this I needed Coconut milk, which I wanted to make at home. Here is my train of thoughts, or basically what led to what’s in the making.

First me says: I need to make sol kadhi.

Second me says: But you’ll need Coconut milk for that dude!

First me: Oh, I can buy that from supermarket. I’ll go to Star Bazar. I’ll ask wife if she wants something from there

Second me: I asked her, she doesn’t want anything.

First  me: Hmmmm….cut the crap! I’ll make fresh Coconut milk.

                    Second me: Dude, but you’ll waste a lot of dry coconut [I don’t know what it is called, the one that is left after taking out the milk]

First me: Lets make coconut cookies!

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Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.

To work somewhere, is more easy rather to search for a work. Now a days, I am looking for a job and I am finding it really not easy. I had two interviews within a month and everyone is leaving me disappointed. Today i faced my third interview in a food and agricultural- products based company which is associated with analytical research. Although I was having the good past experience for this job profile, yet I couldn’t give good answers for some questions. This thing is making me confused for my selection. Still I am having a positive hope.
Someone has said right “Hope is itself a species of Happiness and it can do miracles.”

I wrote this blog , just to share my feelings after my interview. I believe in God, I hope for the best.

Bharwa Mirchi

Mouth watering recipe definitely. I’ll try it for sure.

Chef Mudit

The finished, mouthwatering good! I started this blog to write my experiments with firangi foods, as I see them or perhaps imagine them, or some of them which lie vaguely in my memories. However, the first one is a bharwa mirch, which too was an experiment, without looking into any recipes, just imagination. This is how its done!

The fillings

Fillings is the most important part of the dish. It holds all the flavour. The main ingredient I used was besan [gram flour].

Step 1 Preparing the masala.wpid-img_20150417_134136.jpg

Masala Masala

Hand pound 4-5 black pepper, 2-3 cloves, 1 Badi elaichi [Black Cardamom], 5 cloves of garlic. Now finely chop 1 big onion and saute. Add a quarter of that to the hand pounded masala and make a nice paste.

Step 2 Preparing the filling.   wpid-img_20150417_134427.jpgwpid-img_20150417_134328.jpg Heat a pan and add 100 gm of besan to it. Stir fry and add the masala paste to add. Keep…

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