Firangi Panjiri [No Bake Cookies ]

Chef Mudit

The idea was conceived when I was thinking of making Sol Kadhi, a maharashtrian drink. For this I needed Coconut milk, which I wanted to make at home. Here is my train of thoughts, or basically what led to what’s in the making.

First me says: I need to make sol kadhi.

Second me says: But you’ll need Coconut milk for that dude!

First me: Oh, I can buy that from supermarket. I’ll go to Star Bazar. I’ll ask wife if she wants something from there

Second me: I asked her, she doesn’t want anything.

First  me: Hmmmm….cut the crap! I’ll make fresh Coconut milk.

                    Second me: Dude, but you’ll waste a lot of dry coconut [I don’t know what it is called, the one that is left after taking out the milk]

First me: Lets make coconut cookies!

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