The dark Devil’s food cake

Chef Mudit

It’s festive time and you need cakes to celebrate. A dark, sticky and chocolaty cake is what makes everyone drool over this time of the year. I made this one for my wife’s birthday and it lasted a little over the Christmas for us. It is a simple and fun recipe to make, especially when there’s a lot of chocolate going around. And while writing this I figured, adding a little Bourbon or rum would be perfect to notch it up!

The recipe required two pre preps, baking and last one icing! We’ll make chocolate ganache to ice the cake, and it needs time to set. So it needs to be prepared first.
Ingredients for ganache

  1. 300 gm dark chocolate (or mild, as per preference)
  2. 200 ml fresh cream


Heat the cream in a microwave or pan to bring it to boil. Add chocolate (broken into smaller pieces), and…

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But It happens……

changeChanges happen in Life,

for good or for bad,

Don’t know why?

But it happens.

Likewise a Book,

When One Unit gets completed,

we move to another,

If it is interesting,

We cherish it,

We appreciate it,

But We move to other,

And It happens.

A beautiful girl takes birth at parents,

Grows up, brings up there only,

But doesn’t stay there forever.

She becomes a beautiful bride

Settles at other place.

Changes happens,

for Good or bad,

But It happens.

Life is beautiful,life is beatiful

It is for once,

Love it, appreciate it,

Changes happens,

for Good or bad,

But It happens.

Nidhi Agrawal

Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.

To work somewhere, is more easy rather to search for a work. Now a days, I am looking for a job and I am finding it really not easy. I had two interviews within a month and everyone is leaving me disappointed. Today i faced my third interview in a food and agricultural- products based company which is associated with analytical research. Although I was having the good past experience for this job profile, yet I couldn’t give good answers for some questions. This thing is making me confused for my selection. Still I am having a positive hope.
Someone has said right “Hope is itself a species of Happiness and it can do miracles.”

I wrote this blog , just to share my feelings after my interview. I believe in God, I hope for the best.